Healing After Divorce

Grieving the loss of your relationship

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  • Simpler than you think

Your relationship has come to an end and the pain is overwhelming and you never expected that it could hurt this much. It hurts so much that it’s physically painful.  You feel lost, lonely and scared. What does the future hold? All you can see is a future that is dim, dark and lonely. You feel too paralyzed to move forward; it’s impossible to relax and be in the moment; and the thoughts of the past are too much to bare.

Divorce is a massive loss. Feeling sad, grieving and mourning the loss of your marriage is completely normal and it is the most natural way to feel.

But you want it to stop, you can’t stay stuck with where you are.

The emotional overload has hit you hard, and you just don’t know how to deal with it all. You have never been prepared for this before. You have never learned how to deal with this magnitude of this type of loss. The extreme and often conflicting emotions are confusing and make you feel out of control You do not feel like yourself.

Here is the Good News!

You can feel happy, hopeful and like yourself again!


Become aware of the myths around divorce that most of us have bought into, because we just didn’t know that they don’t work.

Learn how to heal – You have not been taught how to heal from loss, most of us are only taught how to get over hurt, ignore pain, and bottle up or feelings – Seldom do we learn how to heal.

Learning how to heal from the loss of your marriage will provides you with life freedom, joy and the capacity to be able to love again.

Your feelings are normal, your grief is normal.

You are normal! 

Imagine …

Imagine you are feeling in control of your life again. You are feeling stronger and stronger each day. The sadness and loneliness no longer consume your day. You are feeling a whole new level of confidence. When you think about your ex you are okay, you are no longer angry, sad or confused. The throbbing pain has stopped. Your heart feels lighter and whole again. You feel hopeful and perhaps even excited about your future, You feel proud of who you are and where you are going. Each day you are learning to open your heart, to be loved and to love others. You know what matters to you most. You are at home with yourself.

My Promise to you is…

The pain will soften. Your heart will heal.
You will feel in control of your life and your future again.
Your anger and sadness will no longer consume you.
You will feel happier, more peaceful and calmer.
You will be a better you. You will know yourself deeper.
You will have clarity, making decisions will become easier.
Your heart will open and you will feel love for yourself and your life.
You can keep all of the good memories.

What People Are Saying

Bonnie, your work with me has made me into such a stronger person. It has really helped me shift things from my past into an appreciation and wonder for the future. I’m on a true path to a wonderful life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to this point of clarity in my life. What a wonderful gift! You have no idea how much you have helped me to be a better person. Thank You!
B. Bloom, PSW
Bonnie is an insightful, grounded, and dynamic coach whom you may absolutely trust to be there for you. She creates a safe, respectful, and inspiring environment in which to examine anything. Her commitment to my process and her ability to listen – to really listen – to what I’m saying, creates clarity in my thinking and has inspired me to take actions that are bold and surprising. At first I was anxious about sharing because I thought it would make me feel vulnerable, but Bonnie and I created a space within which an evolving conversation could occur; a space without anything/anyone being made right or wrong. It’s from these focused, honest exchanges that I have been able to take action in areas that I would otherwise have continued to ignore, or continued to use as an excuse. Without pretensions, Bonnie unreservedly shares of herself. She is always completely present to our conversations and engaged with what my goals are. She approaches her work with delight and sincere enthusiasm. It’s infectious
Sonja Wasyk, Project Manager
Bonnie has found her calling as a coach. She provides a safe, positive and a no judgment space. She has a very calming, supportive loving way about her that puts you at ease from the first hello. Never offers advice, always have one more question, makes you think and rethink until the answer you were searching for is right in front of you. She only sees the best in me and keep offering me ways to challenge myself be more and better. It will be a long time until I will let go of Bonnie as a coach.
Ofra Kaplan, Small Business Owner
When I started working with Bonnie I had just ended a two year engagement. It was very difficult for me to function and complete even the most simple routine tasks. My effectiveness and ability to function as a self employed business owner was stalled and I was scared about what the future held.
By the end of the first session I had stopped my downward spiral. I could see all the guilt and blame I placed on myself i a completely different life. There was a light at the end of the tunnel and I was hopeful and clear that they way I felt was not going to last forever. Bonnie was supportive and loving and had a uncanny intuition to uncover the things that I was unwilling or unable to see. I was able to resume “normal” activity and living much faster than I imagined I could.

I now know myself as a stronger more capable person than I did before. When I face new challenges I frequently reach out to Bonnie just to touch base and get a “tune-up”. I always feel like a better version of myself after working with her!

Damian Reid, Business Coach
Bonnie is the most powerful coach I have every worked with. I’ve had a lifetime of fear and anxiety and it has disappeared. I feel confident and in control of my life for the first time in over 20 years.
Erik Kalm, Sales Manager


If you are looking for a new way to deal with your heart break, divorce or separation you are in the right spot.

Coaching is my passion, which is important for you to know, because you deserve working with a coach that is passionate about what they do. When I am working with you I am 100% committed to your success.

My coach training along with my training in energy work makes me a unique coach. I’m excited to say that my clients produce fast and lasting results. I do not believe healing has take a long. If you are ready to begin healing, but don’t know how to to do this, you are in the perfect spot. The perfect place to be is a want, a desire, and a belief that you can heal – But you just don’t know how, or where to begin. We can work together, and you will get incredible results.

Individual Coaching

Client’s looking for Life Coaching are often looking for what’s next in their life. They have a deep yearning for personal satisfaction and happiness and are often looking for a greater life purpose. Others are looking for their next step whether it be a career advancement, a changing relationship or a deeper connection with God/Spirit.

When you are ready to begin your coaching journey;  I, as your coach, will partner with you in aligning yourself with who you are at your essence. The great news is, this is easily attainable. Your view of the world will literally begin to shift and match with who you are at your essence, it will feel natural and right to you. This style of coaching differs from traditional coaching of just goals setting – it’s a focus on who you are being versus what you are doing. The surprising effect is you will produce amazing tangible results.

Group Coach and Facilitator

As a group coach I bring self awareness and empowering conversations to the discussion table. These conversations invite people to look deep within themselves and discover new strengths and realizations that will undoubtedly bring them greater personal and professional understanding increasing curiosity and clarity within their life and career.

This awareness causes my clients to take actions in their life and career that support their goals. These actions will occur as natural steps that are aligned with their personal and business goals.

The discussion is facilitated with customized learning modules, topic distinctions and handouts for each week focussing on the relevant topic to the group. Fieldwork assignments may also be provided.