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Hopeless, although you may have a glimmer of hope overall you cannot see how you will even truly can feel happy again. 

Unable to trust yourself or others, this emotional betrayal has left you shocked and hurt.

Scared and lonely, thinking about the future stirs up fear and anxiety.

You never knew you could feel so scared, lonely and lost


going through a separation can make you feel

Lost and confused, you are in a whirlwind of emotions and often cannot tell of you are okay or not.

Hope,  knowing that there are people and services that can help

Access to excellent healing support that could help you resolve your pain faster

People you could be real  with, and didn't have to pretend to

Imagine for a moment, what it would be like if you HAD...

How Would it Feel if...

you had caring, knowledgeable support, where healing through divorce was the speciality!

A safe space where you could show up to learn emotional tools to process your divorce

Toronto's In Person
Divorce Support Group

we graciously welcome you back to

Bounce Back with Bonnie 

WEEKLY In Person support groups

2-hour Group Session
No ongoing commitment (come when you choose)
We gather together in person at:
 1262 Don Mills Road, Suite 109 North York
A safe, respectful healing and learning environment


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10am-12 noon
Limited to 6 people



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This is not a place where everybody tells you their divorce story or you tell your whole story either. Yuck! That is just too emotionally draining.  Instead this is a healing support group that is packed with practical tangible tools that are easy to digest. This is intended to energize you and build hope while connecting with like-minded people that understand your struggles.

What makes the Toronto Support Group different?

No religious affiliation 
Inclusive space for everyone
Results focused

Drop-in no commitment required
No organizational red-tape
Divorce specialize instruction

Being a Divorce Healing Coach is not for the faint at heart AND there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Being at the effect of 5 divorces taught me there had to be another way. 

As a 20 year veteran in Life Coaching, Social Service Work and Healing. I have dedicated my career and practice to helping people successfully heal past their divorce pain and trauma. 

Today, I am changing the way we heal and speak about divorce. I teach a step by step process on how-to heal. 

Say goodbye to old outdated ideas. There is a new way... somethings powerful and far easier!

Hi! I'm Bonnie

The Healing Rebel

I am accountable to you, If I say I can do it – I will

time heals all wounds



healing actions heal your wounds

 time is only a by-product

I urge you to join our support Group because your healing is so much simpler than it appears, if you do not take an action towards your healing now, in 2 or 3 months from today you will be in the exact same place if not worse. 

Don’t let another day go by before
you start your healing journey.

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