How to Heal and
move forward together

Bounce Back with Bonnie:

 In just 8 weeks,
access new peace, confidence and tools
to move forward together 

8-Week Group Course

Yes, I'm ready

You're in the right place

you keep thinking you SHOULD be feeling better by now; and yet, nothing seems to be working

Starting Monday
October 25th, 2021

hoping things get better with
time, believing time heals

toxic positivity, trying to stay positive and grateful even
when they feel deep pain



any of these sound familiar?

Waiting... thinking that after the divorce then they will feel better


thinking they 'SHOULD' HAVE THE  ANSWERS
 and know how to do this on their own, not knowing where to turn


holding themselves to unrealistic standards, higher than they hold others to


People trying to move past their separation often don't realize that these 5 things
can make matters worse...

New inner wisdom and growth; you have increased confidence and self-awareness

The tools and ability to melt away difficult emotions like sadness, fear, loneliness

More peace and hope - you can image your life alone and you no longer feel paralyzed in fear

Far more good days and even some great days, emotional suffering was no longer your norm

Can you imagine for a moment, if you had...

Imagine how it would feel...

if you could begin to heal your heart in feel peace in weeks
instead of months or years?

Divorce Healing Method

I warmly invite you to 

Bounce Back with Bonnie:

8-Week Group Course offered live and in person

The Divorce Healing Method Group Course teaches you exactly how to heal through your divorce. It deals head-on with all of the extremely difficult emotions that are felt with divorce in a surprisingly straightforward step by step way.  It also integrates the Divorce Healing Blueprint Course which helps you identify over 30 healing actions that are unique to you and how you heal. 

This training and support is remarkable! It’s the ingenious combination of the Divorce Healing Method and the Divorce Healing Blueprint Course that bring together a superb environment for healing and bouncing back from your divorce. 

What makes the BOUNCE BACK WITH BONNIE: Divorce Healing Method different?

You'll learn how to:

Take back your power from your ex

Process your painful emotions in minutes; not hours or days

Stop going down the painful rabbit hole, of self doubt and fear

Know-how to heal and move through your divorce pain and trauma step-by-step

after 8 weeks

8-week course 16 hours of live and in person training ($680)
We meet together weekly (not pre-recorded)
Weekly private 15-min call with Bonnie  ($240)
Immediate Access to the highly recommended
self-paced Divorce Healing Blueprint Course ($220) 
One private coaching session with Bonnie ($200)


for only


valued at $1340

Over $700
    in savings!

plus tax

*This may be covered by insurance
for Ontario residences
Accepted by most Manulife and Sunlife plans

Yes, Im ready

Let's Talk, I'm happy to help you choose 

I'm Not sure what is best for me


Starting Monday
October 25th, 2021

After the birth of my son in 2014, the idea of going back to my old Not-For-Profit position felt so unfulfilling, I knew I was meant for something else. So I invested in my coaching practice and focused on what mattered most: healing through separation and divorce.

With the vision of making healing accessible to everyone, I plan to grow Duarte Coaching internationally, simplifying the healing process to the point that it WILL surprise you.

Hi! I'm Bonnie

The Healing Rebel

time heals all wounds



healing actions, heal your wounds 

time is only a biproduct

Do you see the value in connecting with caring like-minded people like yourself

You are willing to get real with yourself and so you can begin truly healing 

You are willing to heal your emotional pain in a safe supportive way

You are ready and open for a new Divorce Healing framework that works

this is for you if... 

How to know if
Divorce Healing Method
is for you?


This is perfect for you if you're looking for a divorce healing method that works.

People who have decided that they will never heal

People who are struggling with severe mental illness, this is not the right group setting

People who are not willing to learn a new Divorce Healing Approach

Who do not believe in personal growth and personal awareness

this is NOT for... 

Yes, I want to heal

I urge you to do this group program because your healing is so much simpler than it appears, if you do not take an action towards your healing soon, in 2 or 3 months from today you will be in the exact same place if not worse. 

Don’t let another day go by before you start your healing journey.

Is this course useful if I still live with my spouse?

Yes, absolutely! The sooner you can take this course the better, this way you have a support structure to help guide you through your separation and divorce journey.
Will this course be enough for me, or will I need more help?

It depends. I invite you to complete the Bounce Back Quiz to see where you fit along the healing spectrum. It’s important to see where you are, simply so that you can choose the right support for yourself. The clearer you are, the better, because this way you will not have unrealistic expectations for your healing. 

Will it work for me? 

If you are unsure if this course will work for you, I get it. I’ve coached hundreds of people through divorce and every single client has benefited from this course. They 100% understand themselves better and see the pathway to reduce divorce stress. What I hear most often is "I wish I knew this before I got married, it is so valuable." Practicing the new skills you’ve learned will energize you.

What if this course isn’t enough and I need one-on-one support?

Many people find this course is enough. While others are either dealing with deeper divorce trauma or simply want to grow and know themselves better – striving to feel more confident, whole, and courageous – I highly recommend taking this course to start. Many people then choose to take the Bounce Back Method: Level 2 to focus on how to heal through divorce.

Have Questions? I've got answers.

How is the First Step different from Second Step?

First Step teaches you how to uncover your Stress-Reducing Blueprint - this is key and an essential element to the Bounce Back From Divorce Healing Method. It identifies all of the hidden harmful things you are unknowingly doing that are increasing divorce overwhelm and stress, while providing you with clear, tangible, and achievable individualized action to decrease your divorce overwhelm and stress. This is a complete course in and of itself, and, it is also the first step to the entire Method to Healing process. 

Second Step teaches you how to HEAL. There is a Method to Healing through your divorce and the Stress-Reducing Blueprint is a piece to this healing puzzle.

I don’t want to take the Bounce Back Method courses, I prefer private coaching. 

You are a lot like me, I hear you loud and clear! I’ve actually been teaching the Bounce Back Method for several years privately, so this is definitely where it was birthed. But after years of teaching this, I realized I was saying the same thing over and over again, and that there had to be another way to support my clients so they would both get all of the essential knowledge they need to heal and move forward, and also given  most of what I was teaching was repeatable, it was a shame to be charging $200 an hour to teach this. When I could make this far more accessible to more people at a far more affordable rate. Now, for my private clients we can work together and uncover the issues that are truly unique to your healing; ultimately you now get double the resources with me and accelerate your healing process. It’s a huge win-win for everyone.

I simply can’t afford to pay anything. 

I offer a Divorce Healing Blueprint scholarship for people truly in need. If you are in an extenuating financial challenge and right now you simply cannot afford to pay, I want you to know I would like to support you. Email me for an application.

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