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I'm a 20 year veteran in life coaching
and social service work providing healing to the whole person, honouring all parts... your mind, body and spirit and everything in between
I've dedicated my practice to divorce and trauma healing, offering a whole integrative therapeutic coaching approach

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I understand that searching for a service such as mine is the last thing you  ever thought you would have to do.

I do not take it lightly that you have taken the time to see if we are good fit. In fact, I'm deeply honored.  Let's connect!

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Ontario college of social workers and social service workers (ocswssw)  register Social Service Worker (rssw)
International coach federation (ICF), professional certified coach (pcc)
Certified Trauma professional (Ctp)

why i do what i do

My Story

As a child of 4 divorces I’ve been in the face of divorce my whole life. I saw the devastating effects that not healing through divorce had on my family and I wouldn't change it for anything. My mum's trauma and mental health challenges alongside my dad's absenteeism and emotional detachment created the backdrop for my desire for inner growth and awareness.  I deeply love the journey of life and all the wisdom it has taught me. I continue to step into my inner healing, my body and my ongoing journey of loving and connecting to all the parts that comprise of me. It is my greatest honour to support my clients with their healing journey and for them to discover themselves through a new lens of healing and self discovery.

fun facts about me

Let's Get Personal

I rescued a Sea Turtle from a fisherman’s net in the Baja of Mexico, It's no surprise that my spirit animal is a Sea Turtle. 

I’m unapologetically competitive when it comes to playing board games. My inner nerd is released.

In my childhood my brother and I lived on a First Nations Reservation with my mum & stepfather, and on a sailboat with my dad & stepmom.

In my 50's I developed a slight obsessive love for the Toronto Blue Jays. Go Jays Go!

I owned and operated a catering company.  I love hosting and entertaining. 






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Going through a divorce can feel like the most lonely experience, but it doesn't have to be. I'm honoured to connect with you. You deserve to be supported.