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20 year veteran in Life Coaching, Social Service Work and Healing

I have dedicated my career to helping people heal past their divorce pain and trauma

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I understand that searching for a service such as mine is the last thing you were ever wanting to do. 

I do not take it lightly that you are taking the time to see if we're a good fit. In fact, I'm honored. 

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OCSWSSW Accredited Social Service Worker
Coaching for over 20 years, ICF Accredited

why i do what i do

My Story

As a child of 4 divorces I’ve been in the face of divorce my whole like. I saw the devastating affects that not healing through divorce had on my family. I knew there had to be another way – There must be a way we could heal so we could move forward in our lives in a loving, peaceful, and fulfilled manner. Healing through divorce has become my life's work, it is not only possible, but I am honoured to teach you how. 

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Let's Get Personal

Rescued a Sea Turtle from a fisherman’s net off of the Baja of Mexico.

I’m unapologetically competitive when it comes to playing board games.

In my childhood my brother and I lived on a First Nations Reservation with my mom & her husband, and on a Sailboat with my Dad & his wife.

15-minutes of fame, mistaken as a famous celebrity and had to be escorted to our car when visiting a fort in Jaipur, India.





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This Blueprint Workshop will be a game-changer in your life. It's the very first of its kind, and you will wish you knew of it 20 years ago. This uplifting, easy-to-follow workshop will unravel a healing framework that accelerates healing.