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Hope and Healing After Separation and divorce

Divorce trauma is real. I specialize in helping you heal through your divorce, because to say divorce is hard is an understatement

You feel so alone that the loneliness literally hurts

You keep spiralling, feeling worried and anxious  

You continue to replay the past over and over again, you feel stuck and unable to stop the ruminating

You can't continue feeling this way, you need to know-how to heal

Does any of this sound familiar?

I'm here to help

Ways I can help

Bounce Back with Bonnie 

Blueprint Workshop

Group Support  &
Healing Blueprint Workshop

Bounce Back with Bonnie
 Blueprint and a one of a kind divorce support group where you can feel hopeful about your future, and learn how to heal and move forward... my job is to teach you how. Uncover the step-by-step process to healing. The Divorce Healing Method provides tangible, practical tools for healing and moving forward. 

PRIVATE sessions

Dive deeper with private one-on-one coaching. Healing, Growth and Personal Discovery beyond your imagination. 

First availability is offered to those who have completed the first and second step of Bounce Back with Bonnie. But, if the groups don’t work for you, that's okay let’s connect and customize something for you. 

I'm not sure, what is best for me

Bounce Back with Bonnie

You know you should be able to function better; but you never guessed it would be so brutally hard.

With Bounce Back with Bonnie: Healing is not a one-size fits all approach. Identify 30+ customized coping strategies that will be a game changer right away!

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Divorce Bounce Back with Bonnie

Need help deciding where to start?

Not sure where to start?

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Being a Divorce Recovery Coach is not for the faint at heart AND there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Being at the effect of 5 divorces taught me there had to be another way. 

As a 20 year veteran in Life Coaching, Social Service Work and Healing. I have dedicated my career and practice to helping people successfully heal past their divorce pain and trauma. 

Today, I am changing the way we heal and speak about divorce. I teach a step by step process on how-to heal. 

Say goodbye to old outdated ideas. There is a new way... somethings powerful and far easier!

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I'm BONNIE duarte, RSSW, PCC

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the time is now

This Blueprint Workshop will be a game-changer in your life. It's the very first of its kind, and you will wish you knew of it 20 years ago. This uplifting, easy-to-follow workshop will unravel a healing framework that accelerates healing.