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You feel so alone that the hole in you literally throbs and aches

The shame is overwhelming, you feel ashamed and humiliated

Your anxiety and worry is too much, you feel out of control 

You just need to understand why and make sense of how you ended up here, you think about your marriage and your ex nonstop

You don't know how to stop feeling this way

Does any of this sound familiar?

I'd like to help

To say divorce is hard... is an understatement

Ways I can help

Groups and Individual Support

Surviving Narcissism Support Group

8-Week Group Course
October 30th (2 spots left)

This 8-week course teaches you exactly how to heal through your divorce. It deals head-on with all of the difficult emotions that you are feeling through your divorce in a surprisingly straightforward step by step way. Making healing lighter, easier and achievable.

Individual sessions

Dive deeper with private one-on-one therapy. Emotional Healing, Personal Growth and New Inner Awareness. Direct access to releasing unwanted shame and trauma,  Discovery healing beyond your imagination. 

Let's book a short call to see if this is right for you. 

I'm not sure, what is
best for me

Join us in person Saturday mornings.  This is a safe space to show up with like-minded people and learn emotional tools to process your divorce. Put your healing first, so that you come out the other side a best version of yourself

Let's connect  416.886.2932

Best Value!

no commitment

 lasting results

In-Person Sessions

let's do this

Being a Divorce Healing Specialist is not for the faint at heart AND there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Being at the affected of 5 divorces, from childhood to adulthood, taught me there had to be another way.

                     A New Way, and a Better Way!

As a 20 year veteran in Life Coaching, Social Service Work and Healing. I have dedicated my career and practice to helping people successfully heal past their divorce pain and trauma. 

Today, I am changing the way we heal and speak about divorce. I teach a step by step process on how-to heal. 

Say goodbye to old outdated ideas. There is a new way... somethings powerful and far easier!

Nice to meet you

I'm BONNIE duarte, RSSW, PCC

Here is A

Gift for You!

Debunking 8 Divorce Myths

let 's do this

Okay, Tell me more

the time is now

You aren't alone. Going through a divorce can feel like the most lonely experience, but it doesn't have to be. Connect with our support group. Drop in, check it out, see it it's right for you. We would love to have you!

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