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Divorce is not your fault...
Yet, healing is your responsibility!

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Therapeutic private Coaching

Private one-on-one sessions for emotional healing, personal growth and divorce strategies. Discover how to heal, let go and move forward, as these are learned skills, and cannot be achieved solely through CBT or talk therapy. Receive personalize strategic divorce advice that will help you save 1000's when divorcing from narcissistic emotional abuse and intimate partner violence. Healing through divorce is unique and it requires a specific therapeutic lens. Healing can happen much faster than you think.

* If you have tried traditional therapy you may be ready for a different healing approach.

Private Sessions

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psilocybin assisted therapy
and education

In the current landscape of mental health treatment, there is a growing interest in the therapeutic potential of substances such as psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms. These plant-based medicines, spanning thousands of years, are gaining new attention for their potential in addressing conditions like depression, anxiety, and trauma. More and more research supports that with the correct education and therapeutic integration people can experience long lasting therapeutic effects. Health Canada offers a regulatory framework for qualified individuals to explore psilocybin-assisted therapy under the Special Access Program (SAP)

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toronto Group Support

Therapeutic group Coaching

Welcome to our group coaching for healing, growth, and divorce strategies. Discover practical skills beyond traditional therapy. Experience personalized support and connections. Our inclusive, safe, and healing environment is tailored to your journey. We offer a kind encouraging space. In this solace space you will gain insight, new approaches and community. You belong with people who care and understand.

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You feel so alone that it hurts

The shame is all consuming, you feel embarrassed and humiliated

Your anxiety and worry is overwhelming, you feel consumed in these thoughts

It feels like you are losing your children, and they are being turned against you

You just need to understand why and make sense of how you ended up here, you think about your marriage and your ex nonstop

You think your ex might be a narcissist, you realize your marriage has been toxic and abusive

Does any of this
sound familiar?


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 Divorce Healing and Coaching

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Steps & How-To's


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Being a Divorce Healing Specialist is not for the faint at heart AND there is nowhere else I'd rather be. From childhood to adulthood I've been at the effect of 5 divorces, and through these experiences I knew there had to be another way. 

As a 20 year veteran in Life Coaching, Social Service Work and Healing. I have dedicated my career and practice to helping people successfully heal past their divorce pain and trauma. 

Today, I am changing the way we heal and speak about divorce. I teach a step by step process on how-to-heal using an integrative therapeutic coaching approach. 

Say goodbye to old outdated ideas because there is another way and there are new approaches... something powerful and easier!

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A New Way!

Bonnie Duarte, Co-Author

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Going through a divorce can feel like the most lonely experience, but it doesn't have to be. I'm honoured to connect with you. You deserve to be supported.