Although there are many psychedelic medicines a Psilocybin-assisted therapist's expertise is in the realm of psilocybin the magic mushroom.. While some people may choose to use this sacred medicine on their own, there are several compelling reasons to choose to work with a Psilocybin-assisted therapist instead.  

Sacred Medicine: Psilocybin-assisted therapists have a deep respect for this sacred natural medicine. They understand the history of the magic mushroom and the importance in honouring the deep healing properties that they can provide. There is a deep trust towards the process, of which provides healing that is often unexplainable; there is something almost mystical about the power of this beautiful medicine.

Safety: Psilocybin-assisted therapists provide a safe and controlled environment in which to use psilocybin medicine. A trained therapist can monitor the individual's physical and emotional state, help prevent potential adverse reactions, and guide the individual through any challenging experiences that may arise.

Preparation and integration: A trained psilocybin-assisted therapists can provide the necessary preparation and integration support to ensure that the individual has the best possible experience. This includes helping the individual set intentions, prepare for the session, and integrate any insights or experiences afterward.

Enhanced experience: Working with a therapist can enhance the overall psychedelic experience by providing a safe and supportive environment, setting the stage for a potentially transformative experience.

Increased efficacy: Studies have shown that a  therapy can be more effective than traditional talk therapy for certain mental health conditions. By working with a trained therapist, individuals can access the full potential of these substances and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Reduced risk of adverse effects: Psychedelic substances can be unpredictable, and some individuals may experience adverse effects such as anxiety, paranoia, or low mood. Working with a therapist can help reduce the risk of adverse effects and provide support in case they do occur. A therapist can tailor the psychedelic experience to the individual's specific needs and preferences, ensuring that the experience is as effective and beneficial as possible.

Expert guidance: A trained therapist provides expert guidance and support throughout the psychedelic experience. The journey itself will often bring up many emotions, having an expert by your side to help you navigate any challenging emotions and experiences will allow you to go deeper into the experience, thus enhancing the efficacy. A trained therapist will help you gain greater insights into yourself and your life.

Legality: Magic Mushrooms are surprising still illegal in many countries, including in most parts of Canada. British Columbia has decriminalized personal possession of most drugs,  and Toronto is still awaiting similar approval from Health Canada.  Possession of magic mushroom could possibly result in legal consequences. Working with a therapist will allow you to have questions such as these answered, so that you can choose whether the risks out way the benefits. 

Ethical considerations: Psychedelic substances are powerful tools that should be used ethically and responsibly. Working with a therapist who is trained in the ethical use of these substances can ensure that they are used in a way that is safe and beneficial for the individual.

Long-term benefits: Psilocybin-assisted therapists has been shown to have long-term benefits for mental health and well-being, including reductions in anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. By working with a therapist, individuals can increase the likelihood of sustained positive outcomes over the long term.

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy