The Process of Healing Through Divorce


Learning Practical




Developing Greater

Divorce Healing and Coaching

Save on 
Legal Fees

The How To's

Processing and healing your emotions is counter-intuitive to what you are naturally doing

We rely on time... we think time heals, yet it does not

Knowing how to heal allows your pain to melt away

It can happen so much faster than you realize, providing much needed peace

Your emotions are so complicated and painful that you believe that healing must be equally as difficult and agonizing

Healing is much simpler that we realize (not easy) and you can discover how

Yet, did you know...

The Obstacle

Save Money

The Obstacle

Yet, did you know...

Trying to understand family law, relying soley on the expertise of the lawyer

Divorce is emotional, unhealed emotions always result is you losing more money (either giving up too much, or spending too much on legal fees)

Feeling powerless, at the mercy of lawyers, the law and your ex

Your lawyer works for you, you can help direct the lawyer with how you need support, rather than asking what you 'can' or 'should' do

You do not need to contact your lawyer about everything, this is too expensive. Learn to identity what is important and what is not.

What is essential without being distracted by your ex and his lawyers treats and shenanigans


deeply painful


 judgement & aCcusations

Never useful


SELF worth

The process of releasing  hidden shame is massive in your healing process this will help you move forward


Learning from
looking within yourself

The way in which you speak towards Yourself

the ways in which you interact with your external world 


Feeling the need to prove and explain yourself

No Longer ...

Feeling hurt and triggered by others

Feeling the need to overcompensate for your short comings

Being at home with yourself 


Being authentically connected to yourself and others

Feeling more confident with higher self esteem