Healing Together

 connecting and learning 

Never Be Alone

$200/Session + hst
(90 Minutes Sessions)

My sessions are extended, as typically you just start getting into the good stuff at the 1 hour mark, and then the session is over. 

Your extended health plan may cover your sessions


Divorce is an emotional & financial process,
Set yourself up for long-lasting success

Yes, I'd like a membership

Private Session Rates

Ongoing Support

A Community of Like-Minded People 

Discounted Private Sessions

Continued Growth and Support

Discounted Courses and Workshops

Jugementment-Free Zone

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15% Off  Private Sessions 
20% Off all 1 Day Courses
All Webinars are Free
20% Off of all Programs
75% Reviewing a Course (repeat course)

I want this membership to signify that you belong somewhere and that you have resources and a community that you to can reach out to.

This one year membership is so that you don't stop when you think you are kind of okay or hopefully good enough but rather you can stay connected and continue your journey however you need to and choose to. 

What is it that you need and want? Attend and use the resources provided and ask for what else you need. You are in in the driver's seat of your healing journey. Let's see where it takes you. 

This is for you,